How To Buy A Laptop?

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how to buy a laptopLaptops are considered to be the most stylish computers in the world. They are easy to carry and can use anywhere for business as well as entertainment purposes. So due this stylish and small nature, they are bought throughout the world in bulk. Specially businessmen who travel from city to city as well as country to country, must need a laptop to perform their different business operations. So those people who want to buy laptops should have complete know how about their features because quality is accepted worldwide. Come I tell you that what necessary features you should keep in your mind while buying a laptop.

First come to the processor. Laptops normally contain low capacity processors. However, some brands also use the processors of desktops in their laptops for making their performance best among all. Actually the processors designed for small computers (like laptops, tablet PCs, palmtops, etc.) generally consume low power. That’s why they remain cooler than the processors of desktops and give performance. I recommend you that for medium laptops, the processor should be Intel Core 2 Duo T8300/T8100, for light laptops, the processor should be Intel Core 2 Duo L7400/7500 and for ultra light laptops, processor should be Intel Core 2 Duo U7600.

The second most important feature of a laptop is the battery and its life. The maximum the battery life is, the reliable the laptop is. So prefer such laptops whose battery life is maximum. 4 to 5 hours is recommended. If we talk about technologies used in the batteries of laptops then I recommend you to prefer Lithium Ion battery with maximum cells in its base model. Now come to the memory. It is also an important feature to remember. The memory of a good quality laptop is 2 GB DDR2 667MHz which I highly recommend you. Hard drive also matters where the most important data of your business is saved. So the capacity of a hard drive of your laptop should be 160 GB 7200RPM.

The last and most common factor to buy laptops is screen. Because it is directly related to your eyes who want to see clear and crystal sights. Laptops consist of flat LCD screens which are half an inch thick. Currently, there are two versions of laptop LCD available in the market. The Active Matrix and the Passive Matrix. Active Matrix version is mostly preferred as compared to Passive Matrix. Let’s talk about ideal sizes of these LCD screens for laptops. For a light or medium laptop, you should prefer 14” to 17” LCD screen. On the other hand, for ultralight laptops, 12.1” LCD is recommended. So I hope that by keeping these necessary features in your mind, you can buy your ideal laptop that will perfectly satisfy you either you are a business or a laptop lover.


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