About Laptops

Laptops are becoming our part of life day by bay. Their new models and brands in the market are available with latest and fast technological features. Laptops make our professional life easier. They made computer systems more advance and easy to carry from one place to another easily and reliably. Either we are students or professionals, researchers or businessmen, we take benefit from laptops where ever we are and at any time. Just like we can say that “due to laptops, we can do business wherever we are and whenever we want”.

It is difficult to say that when was the first laptop made? The first laptop “Grid Compass” was designed in 1979 by William Moggridge, for Grid Systems Corporation. It was one fifth the weight of any model equivalent in performance and was used by NASA on the space shuttle program in the early 1980’s. It is a 340K byte bubble memory laptop computer that contains die-cast magnesium case and folding electroluminescent graphics display screen. But this early portable laptop computer didn’t look like book-sized or foldable laptops that we are familiar with today. The first true foldable laptop was introduced in 1981 by Adam Osborne called “Osborne 1”. Its weight was 24 lb and market price was $ 1,795. Its features contained 5 inch screen, modem port, large collection of software programs, a battery pack and 2 floppy drives.

After that, when invention of laptops developed successfully, then a non stop process of inventing new models began. Different companies introduced their branded laptops with fast technological and latest devices. Also, when the technology of hardware components and peripherals of computer systems increased then they were also being included in these portable laptops from time to time. Now, several famous and popular companies like Apple, HP, Sony, Toshiba, etc. are in the ring to make and introduce their laptops with latest features and cutting-edge technologies.

Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile processors with high speed from 1.3 to 2.26 GHz or more are now inserted into these branded laptops. Also, Touchpads were introduced through laptops that are used in place of mouse and they work like a mouse. We drag our finger on the touchpad and the cursor in the laptop screen moves according to our finger’s movement. Today’s branded laptops also include Hard Drives up to 320 GB and more space, new LCD Display with Glossy Screen and some laptops also contain LED Backlight with it, Universal Serial Bus 2.0 Interface Connection, maximum 8 GB and more than it memory with DDR2, DDR3 and other latest memory technologies. Some branded laptops also have build-in devices such as microphone, stereo speakers, webcams, etc. that make your life more reliable whether you do business or entertain yourself. 100 to 1000 Mbps Wireless Ethernet Network Card provides you the ultimate fast and non stop internet to connect you globally. 7.5 hours and more battery life gives you a long span of time for your business and entertainment.

Laptops are the easiest solution of our lives due to which, we can do business or entertain ourselves at any place and any time. Some branded laptops are most popular due to their latest new features. These branded laptops including their complete devices specifications and detailed information are available on this site for the ease of you to get information about latest laptops trends in this technological world. More laptops devices are discovering and inventing, more new laptops are being made and will be made forever as technology never stops.


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